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Secret Shore Fishing Tips


So you are up here doing a bit of fishing at Brown Down today, just generalizing fishing seeing what it’s about, hoping for a place, found that ??? sort of general fishing, not really sure what we are going to get today, fishing is tight, up overall drop it down back to about 6 o’clock.  It’s quite late in the day now its 11 am. All worries about after tea. As you can see its flat calm out here today should be quite a pleasant day. Suddenly the fish start ?? couple of decent fish for the camera.

They are fresh. The bait we are using today, a bit logwood, bugs, couple of whites in there, some wag worms. The first fish of the day is another powen as if we didn’t know that was going to happen.  Well at least it’s our first fish.  These don’t plaque us out today.  
If can just manage to get them to little place know, they are just starting they buff now, he’s way undersize but fishing constantly the way in and stuff. It’s a bit of pain, it’s the first one of the year.

Not clear talk

Got the expert a little way in, more power in, see yeh a little way in, lucky enough to get another little baby look at the size of him. Looking to adopt one here, hopefully the next one is going to be a bigger one if I am at all lucky you know. Taking tiny bits of log worms if you can see.

I want to show you the rig that I am using. It’s a one up one down loop, when you get these wires make sure they are pushed back in then the wires back in on themselves, snug fit, see if the grip is popping out. It a loop rig, so there is a cascade a bit runs off a line here, bit of a swivel couple 8 inches, 20 inches cascade swivel, not a bit long with my work. The bottom one using some of these log worms well dug. Feed them up, they are freshly dug today. They are quite small log worm, but they are ideal for down here. So you fit the two up just like that so the bottom work, the top work, going to put 2 little worms, top hook here  2 worms straight up Pull that one up and out of my way, put that in. Going to set this rig up, it’s a loop rig so it means its a loop at the bottom. Put these rigs up here, would be easier to do here. So I going to take the bottom hook here and place it in to the bottom of the left, pinch where the cascade swivel and short leader is. Top work and slide that down to, just where the cascade swivels are pop in the second hook as you can see its all stream line. The bait are tacked tightly on the bottom hook here has a loop, a loop along hardly every tangle really good for long range fishing, going up to a SRT spring at the top here

Take this one out and get a couple of another buoy in, snapped in to the bottom here. When a couple knocks on this rod bar, little bit weight there probable something small,  another little fly, another little place, such a shame they are so small at the moment. This the third one, the third one of the day, the biggest by far but get another bait in the water and see how we get on.

There we go guys packing up now. If I get anything else on camera I will show you just a way of what we have thousands of ??, powen, a small bass, small place unfortunate, no decent place to get into, a couple of place to pick up the Sherwin, 28 of February at the moment so whoooo. We’ve got some big springs coming up in the next  2 weeks,  So we should be out to see a few more place coming in, some decent ones as well guys I said over and done with until next time, tight lines, be lucky, see you soon,