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UK Match Angling Tips & Advice


Hi my name is Nigel Fawkes and we’re out today fishing over night hi Lake Higley. Today I have decided to go into silverfish, it’s about 5 foot deep and we’re actually looking to try and catch fish in that first two, two and a half foot layer. We’ve always thought we’ve had a number of fish with some good rounds up to 8 ounces, they alternate between Pinkie and Caster and so far we’ve actually found that the fish tend to be further up in the middle layers as opposed to anywhere near the bottom.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to take you through some of my rigs, and to give you a better idea of the type of style, the float that I’m going to be using and the general hook patterns as well. This particular rig is an image cut flow. It is very outflow, it’s been [01:03-01:04] have got to now for many many years and I guess is not given in fishing it’s all about having confidence. It takes around about five number tens and I’m fishing pr twenty-three hook. Of course you can’t get a hold of these hooks anymore.

But again, it’s one of those hook pads I feel particularly confident in. make a selections as I’ve mentioned just a minute ago. UK Match Angling It’s going to be pinkie and casters. You can alternate between Pinkie as well as caster. Pinkie generally attracts smaller fish and then with the smaller fish the activity that they create the feeding caster they end up trying to draw more overgrown bigger fish into your plate at the same time. [01:51]. What I’m now gonna do is, I’m gonna take you through the selection of bait that I’ve got on my bait trail. As you can see I’ve got bronze, red maggots pinkies and some casters. I like to have a variety of bait on my trail in the winter and as much as there appears to be a lot today the same we have to minus two temperatures.

The water is extremely cold, I always like to have more than enough bait than not enough bait. And again, I’ve seen so many handlers actually go to a venue with too much in the way of extreme quantities of bait, but also on the other hand not enough bait, and there’s nothing worse than actually finding, you end up sitting on a lot of fish and you don’t have sufficient bait. I’ll just take you through the casters. You’ve got a variety of a lot of different colors, shades of casters and the casters, so often people tend to put them in water, I don’t and again it all relates to temperature.

The temperature drops below three degrees you tend to find, you’ve got the equivalent of a fridge temperature, so therefore you don’t necessarily need to put water into them. The other reason why I don’t put water in them is simply because when I feed it to the catapult what you tend to find is that they will actually stick to the pouch of the pult. So when you’re actually feeding they actually end up going all over the place rather than actually in a nice tight area.

Colors are also very important and I found that the darker the color the better the bite response tend to get. And I’ll show you a little bit more about that in a minute in terms of how I hook the caster as well. Pinkies, I mentioned earlier, its great to be able to feed pinkies at this time of the year because what its doing is, it’s attracting lots of smaller fish into your peg and in doing so, you then switch to a caster by feeding caster at the same time Pinch a caster on and you tend to sought out the bigger fish.. UK Match Angling you might catching four ounce fish you end up catching, eight ounce to a pound fish so it does make for a bit of a difference.

The red and the bronze are just a change of bait. What I’m going to do now, is take you through the rigs I’m using today. As I’ve mentioned earlier on we’ve got five foot of water out there and I’ve got different rigs at different depths to hopefully compensate and tender where the fish will be feeding. The first rig I’ve got is a desofloat. It’s got a wire stem and it’s a point six of a gram. It’s extremely a positive rig in over five foot of water. It’s not something that I would often used but because it’s winter I wanna get the bait right to the bottom and if the fish are feeding at the bottom, at least it gets the bait there quicker. Hooklink again, is 0.10 diameter down to a penile twenty-three. And as I’ve said that one is set up for depth. the next rig I’ve got is what I’ve mentioned earlier, which I’ll be catching a lot of fish on this morning, Is my image cut flow and again it takes five number tens down to a penile twenty-three and again UK Match Angling the constant change in the variation of depths has made a big big difference this morning. The other rig that I’ve got, is this rig here, and this rig is set at eighteen inches deep and already I’ve caught fish doing it.

But they’re not come as quickly as I hope they would do. It just takes two number ten as a drop, as a bulk. It’s a little terrible between again with the wire stem which gives that opportunity for the float to pop very very quickly and allows me to see the bite quickly as well. the last rig that I’d like to show you is the hiblin four by ten, lovely flow…extremely well made, again with a wire stem and a hollow bristle as well very very strong, very durable but it’s equally very good for me, because I’m starting to lose my sight. So as I get older, but it’s great when I’m fishing at fourteen up to sixteen meters. It allows me to suspend a heavier bait because it’s pointy and it’s bristle. So those are my rigs. All very simply and that’s the end [05:43]. Okay fishing around about eleven meters and we’re loose feeding casters and pinkies as I’ve mentioned earlier. The key thing is just to feed them slightly shorter from where UK Match Angling you’re actually fishing. And again we’re fishing at around about two and a half foot deep. Mentioned earlier on it’s very cold today so we’re looking to try and build your pace over time rather than makes you try and catch a lot of fish very very quickly while you’re young. The key thing is to keep moving that float. Keep moving the float gently but having it dotted as far as you possibly can.

That float out there is like a little prick and then we just missed a bite there. So, there is fish there. Just keep lifting and dropping the float. Keep everything neat and tidy. Loose feeding a few pinkies as well, at the same time. In the summer that float would’ve gone by now. What we might need to do is we not getting any quick response by doing that so we may have to re-adjust our depths. Just to find out exactly where those fish are. Just try and…there is a tugger…so you make a slight minor change to the depths. Maybe about four inches, see if that makes a difference. You’ll notice the way I lay the rig in, that’s very very important. Keep everything nice and tidy, keep loose feeding. The fish are very finicky today. The danger is if I go anywhere near that bottom. There’s every chance there’s a bite on the stick…there’s fish there which is good.

My little tip as well is when you are roach fishing is to try and tight line it and what we mean by tight lining is you actually hold the line very tight against the bristle and it allows the drop by and another miss by so that would suggest I found the fishes where the depths are happy to feed off just by making a four inch adjustment to my float. Now the key thing is to try and get it absolutely perfect and that could be an inch literally an inch. And making an inch adjustment could result in hitting every one of those bites. Some of them are really sharp bites I’ve just missed could be liners as well dotting around in the water in search of bait as it falls. Some you’ll be feeding in all time constantly. Half dozen casters, sometimes more. Depends how the fish want it. UK Match Angling Let us just say the temperature this morning was minus two, I’m so surprised there’s not even any ice on the lake today. I mentioned earlier on about that thermacloud and that’s a warm layer of water where the fish are happy to feed in, I’ll make another adjustment as well. Okay I’m going to go back down maybe four or five inches again, if that doesn’t work then I should do it again until we do find them.

It’s not doing anything this time. it’s like the more I feed today the worse it’s getting. So it takes us back to what I mentioned earlier. It’s about being very very careful here about the amount of food you put into your peg. Because once it’s in you can’t take it out. No that adjustment has not made any difference either, no it doesn’t feel right. Go back in again a little bit deeper. Gotta go up to at least eight inches deeper this time. I’m also gonna actually re-adjust marginally my tail toll shock which is right next to my… that’s about four inches away from the hook. And when you do get the bites, very very delicate bites…then that float won’t be dotted like it is. The fish will actually feel the resistance in the buoyancy of the tip, and actually blow the bait out as quick as it take it and you won’t even see a bite. The fact that our float is dotted down is [11:32] of a pinhead and with this nice clear white water with the flat bristle allows you to see every single little indication on that float. There’s a bite and a fish.

So that adjustment start with lockup. Simple adjustments is why we didn’t get a bite. UK Match Angling Now I see it’s not about float attrition It’s about being busy. You can’t just simply sit around waiting for the fish to come find you but you go after…this time you go find them and as I say you know the four inch to an inch variation in your depths will, even up to six inches will go deeper or shallow can make a matter of difference. Forecast is just a…is another indication just as a bait will settle it. So we may wanna find the depths of which they’re happy to feed at. Smartly lift that bristle and drop it back in again. Pinkies is an indication…it’s gone and a fish. [13:29] a big fish but a nice little roach at that. There he is lovely little roach. Single…single Pinkie eating casters now and again. Eating few pinkies trying to cope with smaller fish to feed. Ideally what we wanna try and do is try and get the fish in really shallow. But I can’t see that’s gonna happen. Acquiring the drop I’ll bet those here when we arrived this morning there was quite a few fish chopping.

This was a good sign but as the day’s gone on the fishes stop talking. I’m starting to get indications as if it’s dropping through the water to suggest it’s coming up. Again there is a bite and a missed. You can see it going in. But again it’s not as regular as I would do in the summer. Fish just topped in the lake. Bump, there’s another fish. Slightly bigger fish. And now a little tip is the way in which [15:30-15:32] ,I’m actually sitting on it the pole. Which allows me to have two hands completely free to do both young netting and again the re-hooking of the bait. Something that’s very very quick and very very simple.

And that’s what fishing is really all about, keeping everything simple. This ought to summarize I guess, I think just by simple demonstrating the adjustments to your hook tell short your depths, makes a big difference in catching roach this time of the year. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Thank you very much.