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Canal Carp Fishing Advice Tips


Man 1: Well I guess I’ll run you through with what I’ve been doing, and how I came to be here this morning. I’ve been been riding my bike a lot recently, keeping fit, the life of a carp angler isn’t really conducive to staying fit well. I’ve spent the last 3 years sat on a big chair, smoking cigarettes and, being generally unhealthy. I’m 44 now. It’s about time I got myself into prime shape. So I’ve been riding a lot recently. You know, out here in my bike.

I’m lucky of where I live, in the heart of the Colne valley. I don’t actually have to go into any roads to ride my bike, I just come down from my house down the lane, along the canale, around all the lakes and that. It’s a lovely ride, listening to music, and before you know it you’ve been out here for three hours. Anyway, long story short, I came through here two or three days ago. Stopped to have a look cause I haven’t fished here for a long time, since I was a little boy. Used to fish here for roach, when I was a kid, and never saw a carp. There was never many carp here, the stretch as I hoped, didn’t really hold many carp. As a kid I never had any memories of seeing carp but, in the few last years a few of them have found their way, it’s a nice spot for them here, they live here, this is their house Canal Carp Fishing. We got to thank the really big, big sewage work behind this. A tend to fish here a lot in the wind, when the water is really cold, because it steams like a barf here, it’s a hot water spot for lack of a better description.

But anyways, it’s mid-summer now. I’ve rode through the cabbages, they’re really high. In the last few years, there’s been a bit of a pollution in this stretch, and they died off almost to nothing. And the fishing drove away as a result. The bottom was yellow, almost orange, of algae, it was most polluted. But in the last 2 years, it’s come back. The cabbages are now as thick as they’ve ever been. You know, they’re 5-6 feet deep, and they come out as a huge amount of cabbage for a few carp. And the carp are back. You know, there’s not many, there’s usually never many, half a dozen is a good amount of fish to be at this spot.

But anyway, I drove past here, I stopped, I was out of breath, had a drink, and saw three carp here. One of which I was sure I caught in the winter. A 20 pound, middle-long one. A long common that’s lived on this bit for many years. It’s got funny color to it, but it’s a little bold noses, a little character. And another one that I’ve just caught back in there, I was almost there, as he disappeared into the cabbages. And I thought, well, there’s few here, even though after all the problem it was only three carp. I was hoping there might have been a couple more. But I thought it was nice little bit, we’d drop here, and we’d get a little bit of footage. So I spoke to the boys, at Wychwood, they were really keen to come out and shoot this, so I came back the following day, drove down to the nearest spot I could park in, which is quite a walk, it’s a 15 minute walk. And I bought me a jar of hemp, just normal hemp in a jar, and literally a small bag of bollies, a couple of big handfuls. The road was pretty clear, where it comes out, the sewage works. It’s an almost brown tone to it, but it’s pretty clear in comparison to the canale water itself. So you can see everything, and the bottom’s about a shingle Canal Carp Fishing before you see the cabbages, you only got a very small window. Behind me, the road’s behind me here. Fishing over a wall. And there’s stenchess coming down to the bottom. And you got a clear run of three or four feet, before this huge wall of cabbages starts.

Anyway, I put the hemp down, I actually came up behind me, after the channel, and I put the hemp in, because of the flow, so it settles down on the clean ground, and just comes down on the front of the cabbages, where I was hoping they’d all be sat; and a few handfuls of bollies, and left them to it.

I thought, “there’s a good chance, you know, they’ll come back”. Anyway, last night got a mega daily ride in, it rained all night, around ten o’clock last night I was thinking that maybe I’d come down and get ready, so I didn’t have to get up at 4 this morning. But I went out to the car, put the kit in the car, and it was an absolute storm, so I thought “You know what, I’ll go in the morning”. So I set the rods up anyway, I’ll show you the rod you need to fish in here, it’s very simple, it needs to be. Strength and simplicity, purely because of the situation. The cabbages here are very thick. Really thick, big roots on them. And plus you got the stenches, which are concrete, and are covered in mussels now, as I’ve found out a little while ago.

So anyway I got here this morning, still dark, crept up the canal, it was quiet, still raining a bit, but really nice, you know, really carp-y conditions, very moggy this morning. And even in the half light, as I walked through the bridge here, I saw 2 or 3 shapes in the back of the cabbages, really clearly, they looked really pale. But anyway, there was a few carp here, so I was Canal Carp Fishing coming for them, even though they were on the back end of the cabbages. I got set up quickly, out of the way here, was using me torch, put some bollies in here, walk ‘em down, literally lower them in, right down the wall, just behind the pillar that breaks the flow a little bit. Crack. It’s just right there, it’s really really hard. Crumbled a few bollies, no more than six or seven, dropped them down right on top of the pillar. There was a little bit of a back heavy, and I hoped that they wouldn’t wash away into the cabbages. And I sat back. And then Rich and Andy arrived. While it was still half light to be fair, but they made the effort to come down here from Cannes, everything was looking good. And I said to them, “Look, you know, invariably when it happens it happens pretty quickly.” I fish here a lot in the winter, and normally I start in dark, and I’m back in the caf by 9 o’clock, having some breakfast you know, it’s a lovely bit of fishing, none of that sitting behind buzzers for days on end, you just don’t need to, it’s all about finding the fish. I’d found some fish on me bike ride, by chance, fed them a little bit, and dropped in.

Well, anyway, I guess that no more than 15 minutes, maybe 20 minutes, we’d sort of sat here and had a chat. The neighbors wrote to me here, which isn’t my banker, my banker is down the road a bit further, where the flow’s a bit stronger, and now, it’s just a better spot but they seem to like it here more. Anyway, it was in the near side road, absolutely told off, nearly poured it in, we were very lucky really. Anyway, the fish rubbed and ran into the cabbages, fortunately they ran back up the channels, behind me. And, you know, I sort of played on them, bending the rod underneath here, about a twelve foot rod, it’s quite old, I’d actually Canal Carp Fishing planned to bring my 9-foot, so I had a small section to get them on the net, you see in the video I struggled to get it in the net, I actually had to give more line off to actually get it in, in the end, but a really good fight with this fish, it ran back on the pillar, so I sort of eased it back out, and it exploded on the surface, and it was a nice one, a 20 pounder, and sure enough, in the net it went, lovely times, lovely 20 pound mirror, not unlike I’ve seen before, I might have caught him in the past, really chunky, like a football. But we lifted him out, and we thought “it’s definitely a 20 pounder”, so we put him in the net, got the rod rigged up again, walked back down the ridge, had a little look, and I saw a couple there, a big long brown one, and I pointed it out to Rich, one rode over the right hand rod. Anyway, I put the rod back in, came back and sat down.

Anyway, 10-15 minutes after that, tiniest little twitch on the right hand rod, which is often what you get here. You’re fishing straight down, to the end of the lake corner, and then 4 or 5 foot to the rig, and quite often you only get a few taps, well anyway I had caught the taps, but then nothing. So I ran down to the rod and sort of sat, and as I sat there I saw the tiniest flicker, I thought “theres a lot of fry this year, it could’ve been fry just pecking or eating the line, I wasn’t sure, and then the tip sort of went down, I was right on the end, I picked it up, it had already run back underneath me, back up the channels around the concrete pillars, and fell in, you know, it was on the end for a little bit, and then bizarrely, in a really rare event, it cut me off, and I lost him. fishing carp in the canals It had me boiled on the surface, big heavy boil under the bridge, under me feet, and he cut me off. And for a second, I thought the hook could’ve slipped out, which is a real rare experience, and I’m using big, strong tackle. And when you get the hook and pop the lead off, it’s very rare for them to fall off. And it wasn’t until I lifted the line out of the water I could see, it cut me off right at the lead core, so we were really unlucky, two bites, so it was a really short time.

But anyway, I put him right out there again, since I’ve put him out, the fish have pushed out to the other side of the cabbages, you’re seeing a couple more roll, you know, you got to remember, they’re flighty, they’re fished for here now, it never used to be in my former years here, but these days I’ve fished here a lot, I’ve written a few articles, shown a few pictures, you know, this spot gets fished now and the fish are very very aware of it.

So we got two bites, it was a pretty short order. And all I can say is we put them back out here, as quietly as we can, considering the disturbance and hopefully we can get another one.

Well, I said I’d look you through the rig, I’m a bit distracted, I keep looking fishing carp in the canals up to the rods all the time, this might take another take. We’ve seen a lot of fish this morning there, which is really unusual, to be fair. You know, they keep rolling, they keep rolling in the cabbages, we’ve seen them roll there further down the canal, and I’m hoping we can get another one there. So I’m hopeful, hopeful, that we get another chance. Obviously, losing that one with a cut off wasn’t ideal. You know, they’re like a little family when they live here, these fish, so when you spook one, you invariably spook all of them. But it’s been some bubbling in the cabbages, I’ve been feeding into the flow on this side, some dusted bollies, tried to, you know, put a little bit more scent through the cabbages, to try and make something happen, basically. Try to entice them back out. Because, make no mistake, we’ll show you shortly but there’s an awful lot of cabber here, and it’s deep, and it’s perfect for carp to ride in.

But anyways, rig-wise, because the cabbages are so dense, and so deep this year, I’m having to base my approach purely on simplicity itself, and strength, more importantly. So what I’m using is, a 6 foot lead core, down to a ring swivel, to which I tied the lead on, using light line. Literally, a simple overhand granny knot, I haven’t got cast, so I’m lowering him in, so literally as soon as this clips a root or some cabbage, this breaks away, this lead. It’s a 6-foot lead core, ring swivel with the lead tied to it, I could use quite a big lead, that’s a 3 and a half ounce, a short hook link, I’m using cold soft n trap, which is usually incredibly strong, very durable, I’ve never let it let me down. You can knot it simply, I haven’t gotten to use any fancy knots with it, it’s pretty foolproof, to be fair. A short link, probably 4 or 5 inches, a side 6 wide gape hook, which is nice and strong. Attached right through, and a bollie and a half on the head.. There’s a little bit of flow there, I don’t tend to use pop ups or anything like that down here, just because fishing carp in the canals every now and again you get a push from the sewage works, and the flow increases, and a smaller hook bait would be moving around on the bottom. So I always try to use a bollie and a half, which is a little bit more weight, which ensures it’s sitting there on the bottom, nice and tight. But in a nutshell, that’s it, it couldn’t get any simpler, and it’s just about strength, more than anything else.

Unfortunately, you can’t account for the odd loss, the carp that I had, the fish had run back up the channel, and it sort of caught a little plucks there on the line, but because I’m fishing literally straight to the lake core, five foot to the rig, it picked it up and ran it back under the cover of darkness, under the bridge, and the stenches this year are covered in little, tiny mussels. And they cut the lead core, which is really unfortunate. I’m very rare for hearing it, if I’m honest. But there you go, in a nutshell, really really simple, as we’ve always seen in fishing, it’s all about finding the carp, and when you find the carp in a little area like this, as long as long as your approach is simple, and quiet, invariably you get a couple of bites, which is exactly what’s happened.

Well, it’s getting on there, we get in about 9 in the morning, always on these sorts of spots on the canal, usually your bites come pretty quickly after you’ve set your rods in, like I’ve always said, we’re always making the effort, every time we’re doing these short sessions, invariably, the fish are quite flighty like I said. We’ve got two takes, very quickly, and what’s happened now is that the fish have now pushed out of this bed of cabbages, and they’re rolling, on the far side of the canal, further down, in the deeper water. They’re scared like, you know, like I said, they’re like a little family. You hook one, and fishing carp in the canals you scare all of them. And that’s pretty much always the case, summer or winter here, you know, you never expect to get many bites. It’s usually one, maybe two if you’re lucky, but it just goes to prove that, you don’t need to spend tons and tons of time outside fishing to catch some nice carp, you know, if you do your own work and find a nice spot, trickle a little bait, and you haven’t got to spend, you haven’t got to invest a lot of money, and time and bait, it’s what I’m trying to get at. This is as real as is gets, it’s proper, proper carp fishing. Away from everyone else, just me, a couple of hours in the morning, like a said now, it’s getting nearly 9 o’clock, now the canal has gotten busier, there’s been a few boats come through, people coming on bikes, going to work, so it’s pretty much time to call it a day.

You can see now the sort of spot I’m fishing, I’m literally, I wouldn’t be stood here while I’m fishing, that’s one of the biggest points, I just get the rods going and I sit way back, because they can see you, it’s clear here, even in the half light I could see fish over the top of the cabbages, but anyway we got a couple of bites, a nice 20 pounder, I lost another one unfortunately, it was probably another 20 pounder, but it’s been a really exciting morning, I’ve really enjoyed it, like I always do. And as you can see, the rods are laid on the floor, a nice little trick here, I do like to have the buzzers on, so that if I get a take, you know,  fishing carp in the canals if I’m not looking, I can still have it. So what it reminds me here, is that, I’m going to put a little bait in, and leave them be, and probably come back and start next week, on a monday morning or something, and then have another couple of hours.