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Shore Fishing Tips & Advice

Secret Shore Fishing Tips VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION So you are up here doing a bit of fishing at Brown Down today, just generalizing fishing seeing what it’s about, hoping for a place, found that ??? sort of general fishing, not really sure what we are going to get today,...

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Police Rod Licence Patrol On British Rivers

Police rod licence patrol on British rivers VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION Speaker 1: The sitting, fishing and the hunting community has to work closely with the police. Firearm licenses, rod licenses and hunting within the law bring us all together. However, the countryside is...

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UK Match Angling

UK Match Angling Tips & Advice VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION Hi my name is Nigel Fawkes and we’re out today fishing over night hi Lake Higley. Today I have decided to go into silverfish, it’s about 5 foot deep and we’re actually looking to try and catch fish in that first...

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Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Tips VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION Reporter: Today WildernessTV is out with Lewis Hendrie on the River Tone in Summerset we are going to look how to catch and release fish, and also identify where you are likely to find fish on a small river like this.  Well it...

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Canal Carp Fishing Advice

Canal Carp Fishing Advice Tips VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION Man 1: Well I guess I’ll run you through with what I’ve been doing, and how I came to be here this morning. I’ve been been riding my bike a lot recently, keeping fit, the life of a carp angler isn’t really conducive...

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